Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you have free hacks?
  • We are providing every hack for free, but we do ask you to do quick offer that is free before downloading hacks so we can generate revenue and we can devote our time developing cheats with dedicated team.
  • Why do i need to do offers before i can download?
  • Through these offers, we are able to generate some money to help in paying for our website's hosting fees and to continue developing cheats.
  • How do i complete an offer?
  • Now, here's a guide on how to complete an offer. First of all, there are three kinds of an offer: a free survey, download offer and mobile offer. Some countries have mobile offers only while some have all three.

    First, for free surveys. To complete them, you will need to enter some personal information. This depends on the survey. Some might ask for your name, email and birthday. Simply enter your real information there and click continue/submit. Note: Enter truthful information or else the offer would never be completed and the game will not be unlocked.

    Second, for download surveys. From the name itself, you will need to download something, it can be a game or any software. Once downloaded, you may also be asked to install it.

    Last, for mobile surveys. To complete them, you will need to enter your mobile number. Simply enter your number and follow the instructions of the offer. If it sends you a PIN code, you may need to type that back to the offer. Your phone will be charged for this, read the offer on how much is the cost. Note: You need to have enough balance in your mobile in order to complete mobile offers.